Director - Human Resources Development
Dr. Tabby Mungai, Ph.D.
Director - Human Resources Development

The Directorate of Human Resource Development mandate entails to develop, implement and review policies and procedures in Human Resource Planning; Recruitment & Selection; Performance Management; Learning and Development; Employee Relations; Rewards; as well as Health and Safety.

In executing the mandate, the Directorate’s functions involve:

  • To assure the hospital of an adequate, timely and constant supply of skilled employees
  • Onboard new staff and ensure they have been inducted into KUTRRH culture
  • Training and Career development to improve the effectiveness of the individual, group and organization
  • Ensure competitive compensation and reward for all staff
  • Put in place measures to enhance the quality of work-life and good personal wellbeing through various staff welfare schemes
  • Carry out administrative responsibilities related to human resources

The Directorate will continuously apply strategic human resource management and development measures to support staff to deliver the KUTRRH Vision, Mission and Mandate.