A list of Telephone Extension Numbers used at KUTRRH

1Chairperson's office, Assistant1104
2Chairperson's office, Secretary1102
3Chairperson's office, Secretary1103
4CEO's office, Administrator1108
5CEO's office, Secretary1107
6CEO's office, Secretary1106
7A&E Billing Office1222
8A&E Main1314
9A&E Code Blue3333
10A&E Pharmacy1312
11A&E Theatre1315
12Billing Office (Registration)1223
14Caretaker's Office1213
15Catering , Deputy Manager 1229
16CCTV Room1243
17Chief lab1309
19Consultant - Collaboration1131
20Communication Assistance1267
21Community Liaison Office1218
22Corporation Secretary1110
23Corporation Secretary, Secretary1120
24Credit Control Manager's Office1221
25Credit Control Office
26CSSD Office1319
27Dep. Director Research & Training, Sec1119
28Dep. Director Research & Training1112
29Dep. Director Corporate & Partnership1121
30Director Clinical Services1114
31Director Clinical Services Sec1228
32Director Corporate Services & Admin.1109
33Director Corporate Services & Admin., Secretary1211
34Director Finance and Strategy1115
35Director Finance, Secretary1118
36Director Nursing Services1113
37Director Nursing, Secretary1116
38Driver Office/Transport1289
39Finance Office/Accountant1212
40Finance Office/Accountant1281
41Finance Office/Accountant1288
42Gate (Mortuary Gate)1322
43Gate C1236
44Gate Main1235
45General Records Office1260
46Health Records Office1325
47Health Records Oncology Office1329
48HOD - A&E1304
49HOD - Health Records1303
50HOD - Oncology Office1305
53HOD ? REHAB1301
54Housekeeping Office1241
55HR Assistants Office1245
56HR Officers 11250
57HR Officers 21242
58ICT Application Officer1210
59ICT Applications Office1249
60ICT Content & Media Office1232
61ICT Graphic & Design1282
62ICT Network & Infrastructure Office1233
63ICT Network/ Infrastructure1333
64ICT Security Office1328
65ICT System Administrator1285
66ICT Support Office1111
67ICT Support Office 21147
68ICT - Support Network & Infrastructure1286
69ICT Web Office1201
70Infection Control1324
71Interior Decor Manager1202
72Interior Decor Office1207
73Internal Auditor Office1256
74Laboratory Office1308
75Laboratory Office 11347
76Laboratory Office 21348
77Laboratory Office 31349
78Laboratory Office 41350
79Landscaping/ Grounds Office1216
80Lead Training and Research1360
81Library Office1251
82Main Theatre Office1248
83Morgue, Billing Office1227
84Mortician Office1220
85Mortician Lead1356
86Nurse Covering1343
87Nutrition HOD Office1247
88Nutrition Staff Office1246
89Nutrition Office1253
90Oncology In-Patient1310
91Oncology Out-Patient1311
92Oncology Pharmacy1316
93Oncology, Billing1234
94Palliative Care Unit1339
95Pharmacy (Main Pharmacy)1320
97Pharmacy Office1321
98Pharmacy Duty Room1125
99Procurement Assistants' Office1323
100Radiation Therapy Technician1335
101Senior Procurement Officer1203
102Procurement Officers1291
103Procurement Officers1279
104Procurement Officers1326
105Procurement Stores1204
106Procurement Manager Office1126
107Project Manager's Office1215
108Quality Assurance Administrator1262
109Quality Assurance Office1214
110Radiology - CT Scan1313
112Radiation Therapy Technician1335
113Radiotherapy Basement (Reception)1341
114Reception 3rd Floor1280
115Reception, First Floor1206
116Reception, Ground Floor1205
117Rehab office1307
118Renal Ward1306
119Restaurant Manager1237
120Security Manager's Office1239
121Senior Nurse Office1224
122Senior Administrator CEO?S Office1129
123Senior Accountant1217
124Senior Administrator Specialized Clinic1269
125Senior Administrator DSCA1124
126Senior Administrator HR1255
127Senior Administrator DCS1257
128Senior Administrator DNS1265
Security Office1328
131Transport Office1208
132Transport Office 21289
133Training and Research Manager1272
134Reproductive Health Office1332
135Radiotherapy Reception1341
136Ward - Athi1340
137Wards - Yala1209
138Ward- Tana1334
139Ward - Lilac1361
140Ward - Jasmine 11268
141Ward - Jasmine 21351
142Wards - Galana1238
143Ward Limpopo1290
144Wards ? ICU1317
145Switchboard/ Referral1000
146Emergency Contact A & E3333